Three Years With North Carolina’s The Celebration of Hope Gala

Party Tables is honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the March Forth With Hope Foundation‘s annual ‘Celebration Of Hope Gala’ for the past three years. This worthwhile fundraiser event holds a special place in the hearts of our North Carolina team. In 2003, Hope Stout, a 7th grader, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. When Make-A-Wish asked her what she wanted, instead of wishing for something for herself, she wished to grant all the other 155 critically-ill childrens’ wishes.

Hope’s selflessness and spirit touched so many and donations poured in. After Hope died in January of 2004, the announcement was made that her wish would come true. In five short weeks she’d successfully helped raise over a million dollars to help all the other sick children. This annual fundraiser now continues the work that Hope started, bringing joy to children with may have very little time left for making memories. Party Tables is so proud to have been a part of continuing Hope’s mission from 2015-2017 and working alongside Signature Events and the Foundation. Below are a few of our favorite event photos showcasing our linens from each of the themed years.

David Ramsey Photography
Celebration of Hope Collage 2Celebration of Hope Collage 1 Celebration of Hope Gala Reception2016 CELEBRATION OF HOPE GALA
Steven Huff / L.A. Management
Celebration of Hope 2016 Table Celebration of Hope 2015 Room 2Celebration of Hope 2015 Room 1 Celebration of Hope 2015 Room 32017 CELEBRATION OF HOPE GALA
Steven Huff Photography
Celebration of Hope Gala 2017 1 Celebration of Hope Gala 2017 2 Celebration of Hope Gala 2017 3 Celebration of Hope Gala 2017 4


In November 2003 the Make-A-Wish Foundation visited Hope Stout a precocious 12 year old who was suffering from a rare bone cancer. They told Hope she could have anything she wanted; to just name it. Hope thought for a few minutes and then answered: “You know, I am lucky…I have been to Disney World, swam with the dolphins in Cancun and go to the beach all the time. You say there are 155 kids on the waiting list? Well, my wish is to grant ALL their wishes, ALL 155 of them. And to do it just as soon as possible.”

Even though Make-A-Wish was faced with a herculean task–Hope’s wish would cost nearly $750,000—they sprang into action. A local company got the ball rolling with a $25,000 donation; the Charlotte Observer ran a December 19 story on Hope which local WBT radio personality Keith Larson picked up on during his morning radio show. He had Hope on for what is now a legendary interview; one that is replayed every Christmas; the Carolina Panthers went on a roll, winning game after game en route to the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance and a mid January black tie, “Rat Pack” themed event was planned called appropriately, The Celebration of Hope Gala. Appropriate because Hope pretty much planned the event; right down to the last detail.

An important part of Hope’s wish was to help the families and children going through the same difficulties she and her family were experiencing. To fulfill her wish Hope’s family formed the March Forth With Hope Foundation. March fourth was Hope’s birthday and the foundations mission is to provide financial assistance to families battling cancer or other life-threatening diseases. Learn more about each of these great causes by visiting online at


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