Meet Our Team – Sanders Hulsey

Bringing loads of industry expertise, and lots of laughs to Party Tables is Georgia Sales Representative, SANDERS HULSEY! We got the chance to catch up with him this month to learn a little bit more about ‘who is Sanders.’ Enjoy this read in our newest of the ‘Meet Our Team’ series!

Sanders Hulsey Party Tables

PARTY TABLES :: Hi Sanders! Share with our readers what your role is and how you contribute on the team at Party Tables.

SANDERS :: Well the title I have given myself is ‘Sales and Marketing’ but I do everything from selling and designing events with Party Tables inventory, to totin’ and schlepping. All in all, I make things pretty!

PARTY TABLES :: You’ve been with Party Tables for several years now. What would you say makes Party Tables a special company for clients to work with?

SANDERS :: Our inability to say ‘NO.’ We do all we can to make anything happen for our clients. When it comes to projects that require our expertise in custom linens, drapery or props we pay close attention to detail and work closely with clients to make it happen. Our products and service are top notch!

PARTY TABLES :: What is YOUR favorite Party Tables linen, drapery or accessory?

SANDERS :: Oh wow, this is an unfair question! It’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is…well maybe not that unfair. We have so many gorgeous products it is impossible to pick one favorite. I will say I am loving all of our new linen additions that are heavier more luxurious fabrics. As for our props, they are all very well made…but one of my favs is our full Round Wooden Bar. The top is made out of refurbished, repurposed barn wood. Gorgeous!

PARTY TABLES :: When not making event dreams come true for clients what do you enjoy doing?

SANDERS :: Nowadays I really enjoy hanging out with friends, movies, trying new restaurants and of course volleyball…I may eventually hit the court with my walker and an oxygen tank in tow, but I’m gonna play until they cart me off! Also, many folks know that I am a comedian. I don’t  perform nearly as much as I’d like however…mainly cuz it don’t pay the bills.

PARTY TABLES :: At the end of the day, what would you say is the motto you live or work by?

SANDERS ::  Things aren’t always as they seem….there are so many good ones! How about, ‘Pause when agitated.’ It comes in handy in this biz, wouldn’t you say?!

PARTY TABLES :: {laughing} It most certainly does! Thanks Sanders for all the creativity and expertise you bring to Party Tables!

Connect with Sanders Hulsey for your linen and drapery needs in Georgia:


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