Linens & Drapery Influenced By Pantone’s ‘Colors Of The Year’

Planning an event is complex in and of itself, but without the right color palette it can be downright difficult to achieve the look and feel that you are going for. This is just one of the reasons we often turn to color expert, Pantone, for inspiration and guidance. Each year Pantone releases a ‘color of the year’ making it possible for companies like Party Tables to tailor linens and draperies to this new color. For 2016 Pantone made the choice of releasing two ‘colors of the year’ – a beautiful palette perfect for setting the mood for events.

Pantone Color of Year

Rose Quartz and Serenity are the winning 2016 colors and are absolutely stunning. And for those that want to get great party linens that match this color palette, is a wonderful option! The overall feel of this palette is soft and delicate. Even the darker shades in this palette that are a bit moodier than the soft pastels are still somewhat soft and understated – stunning for events.

Rose Quartz itself is a soft pink with light purple accents much like an actual rose quartz stone. Serenity is a soft purple based blue which pairs well with the soft pink of Rose Quartz. There are an endless number of colors that work well with this quintessential combo and as such this opens up a world of potential event design for party planners and producers. Initially when you see Rose Quartz and Serenity, it feels like the soft pink and blue used at baby showers but with a far more sophisticated air that lends both to being paired with other colors that express the colors of each season.

Some wonderful Party Tables linen pairings for Rose Quartz and Serenity is a deep purple linen named Frosted Hyacinth, a bright yet muted gold linen called Mimosa Taffeta, and our soft grey green linen named Bertani Sage. These colors are bold yet muted and when paired individually with either Rose Quartz or Serenity they work well for a wide range of event themes and environments. Have we mentioned, we love that there are two Pantone colors this year rather than just one – this makes color pairings all the more fun and gorgeous!

Pantone Pairings Party Tables

We think that both colors are visually wonderful and would look great on any Party Tables event tablescape. They are muted yet bold, stunning and understated, and great for those that want colors that are going to be timeless. These are colors that stand the test of changing trends and new color palettes each and every year. Pantone is sure to come up with another great combination for 2017, but this year Rose Quartz and Serenity take the cake!

Party Tables has many options of linens and drapery that celebrate Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’. Click onto each color here and view beautiful Rose Quartz and Serenity palette linens for your next event!

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